Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Griot: Storytelling and Proverbs in West Africa - 10/28/2014

Today's essential questions:
Which is better: to have a story written down or to have a story told to you? Why? What are the advantages of having information written down (by hand or electronically)? What are the advantages/disadvantages of having information in spoken form only (in person, over the phone, in video)? How do you learn better: when you SEE WORDS on a page/screen, or when you HEAR WORDS with your ears?

1. What is a griot?

2. African Proverbs - handout HERE

TODAY'S VOCABULARY: griot (jeli), transmit, oral history, folk tales, genealogy, proverb

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    • Share the African Proverbs we studied today with your family. Ask a family member to identify 2-3 proverbs that are most meaningful to them. Have him or her explain to you what the meaning is of each proverb they chose. How can these apply to your family?

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