Friday, October 3, 2014

My Five Personal Pillars - 10/3/2014

AGENDA - 10/3/2014
1. Take out your "Crash Course World History: Islam" Video Guide. Today we will go over Questions #1 and #5. We will start by watching this video reviewing Question #1. Did we already go over this question in your class? If so, please stick with me! This is so important to our current and future study of history that you NEED to know this!
After reviewing Question #1, you will go over Question #5--the Five Pillars of Islam. There is a great video (aimed at slightly younger kids) here. You may or may not watch this as a class today, but feel free to watch it on your own time. It's very helpful, and they have cool British accents!
2. My Five Personal Pillars - Today you will create a drawing the represents your Five Personal Pillars. Just like the Five Pillars of Islam, or the Six Pillars of Character from the Character Counts program, "My Five Personal Pillars" should be beliefs or practices that guide your life. Instructions are here:
I have created a sample here that you can look at. You'll notice that the first pillar I chose was a BELIEF (similar to the Muslim pillars) and then all the rest are ACTIONS (again, just the like the Muslim beliefs). Do you have to do it this way? No. But I challenged myself to do it because I like giving myself challenges.
I have already created a Google Drawing template for you just for this assignmentI have correctly formatted the dimensions so they will print on regular 8-1/2 x 11 paper. Please use this template. How do I get to the template?

  • Go to Google Drive -
  • In the search box, type the word PILLARS
  • The Google Drawing file I created for you should appear. It should be your name, followed by MY PERSONAL PILLARS.

You can always just do this on plain white paper with colored pencils. That is a perfectly acceptable way to complete this assignment.

This Five Pillars assignment will serve as an assessment of your understanding of this standard. This means that this will count toward your grade in my class. It is also a great assignment for examining your values, as well as those of your classmates.

Above and Beyond deadlines - TODAY (10/3) to sign up online. NEXT FRIDAY (10/10) is the deadline to complete your project. I will allow Typing Tests up through Wednesday, 10/15. You do not need to sign up for the Typing Test Above-and-Beyond project. Simply do it in my classroom using and show it to me. See Above and Beyond for more info.

In-class re-takes on ALL standards will happen NEXT THURSDAY, 10/9. In-class means you can study between now and then and do your re-take IN CLASS!! Use Fall Break to study and catch up so you are ready.

The quarter ends FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17. These grades will be final and are entered into your permanent record. Know your grades in ALL CLASSES now.

Over the four-day Fall Break Weekend, please, please, please check Infinite Campus to make sure you are on track to get the grades you think you should be getting in each of your classes. You have a chance for an in-class re-take on Thursday, October 9. Please use the time between now and then wisely, so you are ready for a re-take when it comes.

Happy Fall Break!

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