Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MR IPPOLITO - End of the First Quarter

Hello Team Titans families,

The First Quarter of the school year ends this Friday, October 17, so we are quickly approaching the end of the quarter grading period, when the first permanent grades will be posted to your child's transcript.

There will be an End-of-Quarter Exam this Friday, and it will cover ALL material we have learned in the last nine weeks. You can see all that we've learned by logging on to and clicking on the Awesome Learning Guide tab. Our website is rich with resources and information, including all the study resources your child needs for Friday's exam (Awesome Learning Guide). Ask your child to navigate you through our classroom website. We use it everyday.

I am working very hard to transition your child from the world of elementary school to the rigors and challenges of junior high school, and beyond. We are working on being independent learners, seeking answers for ourselves, and scholarly behavior. I'm also trying to help them to become their own problem solvers when it comes to grades, giving them access to Infinite Campus on a regular basis, and helping them to be more comfortable with technology. As I have mentioned to you before, we use Google Chromebooks daily in my classroom. What you see on is exactly what they see when they open their devices each day in class.

Some children are flourishing in this environment, and some are still adjusting to the greater responsibility being placed on them. Learning how to navigate different classes, how to adjust to different teaching styles of six different teachers, how to handle greater personal and academic freedoms, coupled with all the changes that come with adolescence can sometimes leave kids feeling overwhelmed. Please continue to have daily conversations with your child about school, what they're learning, and how they are doing--academically, socially, and emotionally. I will continue challenging your child to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

All the best,
Mr. Ippolito


Ron Ippolito
Teacher, Sierra Vista Junior High School
Google for Education Qualified Teacher
Induction Support Provider & SDAIE Trainer, William S. Hart UHSD
twitter: @rippolito   voice/text: (661) 347-4990

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