Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's begin Quarter Two - 10/20/2014


1. Go over today's agenda (Chromebooks closed)

2. Friday's Q1 Final Exam - detailed results will be emailed to you later today

3. Mr. Carranza - Mr. Ippolito's student teacher this quarter

4. Caring for our Chromebooks

5. Above and Beyond opportunities for Q2 - Make sure to check out the fun new activities this quarter! Please bring headphones this week; you will need them on Friday for a special activity.

6. Take a few minutes to log into Infinite Campus. You should verify that the grade you are getting in my class is accurate. If not, you should inform Mr. Ippolito TODAY.

7. Seating Chart - The Q2 seating chart will take effect by Wednesday. 

  • Mr. Ippolito will be performing on stage this Wednesday at lunch. It's the great Lip Sync Battle with Mr. Harper!
    • Vocabulary using context clues. Before you leave class today, write down the following seven vocabulary terms from Chapter 5 in your textbook:
      • sub-Saharan, savannah, sahel, natural resources, the salt-gold trade, oral history, labor specialization
    • At home, using context clues, define these terms. Use a Google Image search to help you better understand the meaning of each term.

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