Thursday, October 2, 2014

Islam Review and End-of-Quarter Check-In - 10/2/2014

AGENDA - 10/2/2014
1. Check-In With Mr. Ippolito - Click HERE to take survey.

2. Kahoot Quiz!  Go to and enter the code on the screen. Let's review context clues and our Islam vocabulary!

3. How to use Google Drawing - You will use this in class very soon!

Above and Beyond deadlines - TOMORROW (10/3) to sign up. NEXT FRIDAY (10/10) is the deadline to complete your project. I will allow Typing Tests up through Wednesday, 10/15. You do not need to sign up for the Typing Test Above-and-Beyond project. Simply do it in my classroom using and show it to me. See Above and Beyond for more info.

In-class re-takes on ALL standards NEXT THURSDAY, 10/9. In-class means you can study between now and then and do your re-take IN CLASS!! Use Fall Break to study and catch up so you are ready.

The quarter ends FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17. These grades are final and are entered into your permanent record. Know your grades in ALL CLASSES now.

If you have access to a computer over the course of the day today, practice using Google Draw. It's one of the applications in Google Drive. If not, no worries! You will have time to play in class today, and again in the near future.

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