Monday, October 27, 2014

Draft Day - 10/27/2014

2. Prepare for the Draft - I will call team captains up to my desk to register for the Fantasy Geopolitics Draft. Please bring all your team's paperwork up to Mr. Ippolito at this time.

3. The Draft - A draft order will be established, and the first round will begin. Second and third rounds will follow immediately after. Be prepared with the names of the countries you would like to choose, plus a few back-ups in case your first choice is taken. Be prepared!

4. Big Hero 6 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood - Family Event!
  • Mr. Ippolito is selling tickets to any families interested in going to see Big Hero 6 in 3D at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
  • Group tickets are only $13 (they are $20 if you purchase online)
  • Your family must provide transportation to Hollywood
  • For more information, ask a parent/guardian to click here:

  • This week is Red Ribbon Week.
    • Continue to follow your country online in Fantasy Geopolitics!

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