Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Iconoclast - 10/8/2014

AGENDA - 10/8/2014
1. Take out your "Crash Course World History: Islam" Video Guide. Today we will go over questions 2, 3 and 6.

2. Iconoclast - What does it mean to be an iconoclast? Was Muhammad an iconoclast? When can being an iconoclast be a good thing, and when can it be a dangerous thing? The following videos are from the Sundance Channel*, and are previews for their series called "Iconoclast." 

3. My Five Personal Pillars - Today you will continue to work on your Five Personal Pillars. We started this assignment on Friday.

  • Mr. Ippolito will offer after-school help in ALL subjects for all Team Titans students tomorrow, Friday, and Monday, 2:15 to 3:30.
  • If you are interested in offering tutoring tomorrow, Friday, or Monday, please see Mr. Ippolito. Above and Beyond credit is available.
  • In-class re-takes are TOMORROW. In class. Please be prepared.
  • The last day of the quarter is next Friday, October 17. That will also be the day of the End-of-Quarter Final Exam. Your presence next Friday is very important. 
  • Check Infinite Campus.
  • Come in for re-takes as needed.
  • Complete those Above and Beyond Projects (most are due this Friday; you can do the Typing Test until next Wednesday, 10/15).
*The "Iconoclast" series is produced by a company called Grey Goose Entertainment. Mr. Ippolito does not endorse Grey Goose vodka, or underage drinking at all. Even though he is over 21, Mr. Ippolito thinks vodka is pretty disgusting. Yuck.

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