Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Africa Study Guide - 10/29/2014

1. Take out your Composition Book and a pen/pencil. You will need it to finish African Proverbs.


2. Finish African Proverbs - handout HERE - Today you will finish the discussion we began as a class yesterday.
  • We already read and discussed proverbs #1-10 yesterday. Today, begin by silently reading #11-20. Pause and reflect on each one. Underline one or two that really speak to you. Share with your table group, and then share as a class. What do you think these proverbs mean?
  • Continue this with #21-30. Then #31-40. Then #41-52.
  • See if you can figure out which of these are Mr. Ippolito's favorites (he has three favorites, and he will share that with you tomorrow).

3. Begin work on the Africa Study Guide (handout HERE). You may need a textbook for this, so there are a couple at each table group.

Big Hero 6 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Fri, 11/14 - Family Event!
  • Mr. Ippolito is selling tickets to any families interested in going to see Big Hero 6 in 3D at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
  • Group tickets are only $13 (they are $20 if you purchase online)
  • Your family must provide transportation to Hollywood
  • For more information, ask a parent/guardian to click here:
    • Share the African Proverbs we studied yesterday and today with your family. Ask a family member to identify 2-3 proverbs that are most meaningful to them. Have him or her explain to you what the meaning is of each proverb they chose. How can these apply to your family?

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