Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Five Pillars of Islam - 9/30/2014

AGENDA - 9/30/2014
1. Warm-Up--Kahoot Quiz!  Go to http://kahoot.it and enter the code on the screen. Let's have some fun!!

2. Crash Course World History - We will finish with part two of John Green's "Crash Course World History - Islam." 

We watched 0:00 to 4:50 yesterday and then we stopped to answer questions.
Start answering these questions HERE
Today we go from 5:48 to the end - http://youtu.be/TpcbfxtdoI8?t=5m49s

3. Attention artists! - Constitution Day Poster Contest
See the top of the Chromebook cart for a flyer. Poster must be postmarked by tomorrow.

4. Above and Beyond deadlines - THIS FRIDAY (10/3) to sign up; NEXT FRIDAY (10/10) to complete your project

5. In-class re-takes on ALL standards NEXT THURSDAY, 10/9. In-class means you can study between now and then and do your re-take IN CLASS!! Use Fall Break to study and catch up so you are ready.

6. The quarter ends FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17. These grades are final and are entered into your permanent record. Know your grades in ALL CLASSES now.

HW:  Finish the Islam VIDEO NOTES handout we worked on yesterday and today in class
Ever wonder why we take notes by hand instead of on our Chromebooks? Here's why:

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