Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Constitution Day! and the Legacy of Rome - 9/17/2014

Here's what you can do during warm-up time today:
  • Take the online Academic Vocabulary Practice Quiz (scroll down or click HERE)
  • Copy down the grid on the board (picture also available under #2 - "The Legacy of Rome")
  • Make sure you have clicked TURN IN on your homework in
  • Study for an upcoming re-take exam
  • Check out Above-and-Beyond opportunities
  • Preview today's lesson and agenda
1. Happy Constitution Day!

2. The Legacy of Rome
DIRECTIONS: Please take out your Composition Book and draw this rectangle on the next available blank page. Use the entire page.
Divide it up into four sections: engineering and architecture, law and government, religion, and language. This will help you prepare for today's interactive slide lecture: The Legacy of Rome.

3. Re-takes at lunch through this Friday (if you want the improved grade to be reflected on your Progress Report)

4. Above and Beyond opportunities - available at

5. Elections TOMORROW for our two class representatives

6. Pre-Test on Friday
  • Pre-test will cover Week 5 Academic Vocabulary
  • Pre-test will cover The Legacy of Rome
  • This "pre-test" means that you can earn a 3 on both of these standards if you do well, but scoring lower than a 3 won't be recorded yet in Infinite Campus
HW:  Send a message Mr. Ippolito and tell him . . .
  • What Above and Beyond opportunities you are considering to move closer to an A --OR--
  • What plan is for getting the four current standards up to 3's --OR--
  • Just tell me, "Mr. Ippolito, I'm happy with my current grade right now. I'm cool. I'm chill. It's all good."
By the end of this week, students will:
  • Be able to argue, using evidence, what was Rome's greatest legacy (lasting contribution)
  • Understand and be able to use all ten of this week's academic vocabulary words
  • Be able to log into their Hart District Google account to send and receive email
  • Be able to log into and use Google Classroom

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