Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the 5-Week Grading Period - 9/19/2014

1. Power Cycle
2. Pre-Test - click HERE
3. Vote for TWO class representatives
4. Legacy of Rome - FINISH
5. Continue presentations

Notes and announcements: Today's seating arrangement is temporary. I am trying it out for our testing today. Also, DFYIT members, please note that today's t-shirt handout has been postponed. This means it needs to happen at a later date. Please see Ms. Sandoval in Room 402 if you would like more information.

HW: Check your grades on Infinite Campus this weekend in ALL classes. Make sure they are what you are expecting, and that there are no surprises. If you think a grade is wrong, have a polite, respectful conversation with that teacher to ask about the grade.

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