Friday, September 12, 2014

Being a Critical Thinker - 9/12/2014

Agenda - 9/12/2014
Essential question: How do I know which sources to trust for accurate information?
1. Share the results of your 9/11 interview
2. 9/11 Brainpop -
To view this on your own, you will need the Sierra Vista username and password. Ask Mr. Ippolito.

  • terrorism
  • radical fundamentalism
3. How to access Infinite Campus

  • username is your 8-digit student ID
  • password is your initials and 6-digit birthdate
  • EXAMPLE for someone born April 13, 2002:
     username: 99029999
     password: ri041302 

4. Start an email to Mr. Ippolito
  • Put my email address in the TO line (
  • Put a subject in in the SUBJECT line:
    What I learned this week in Mr. Ippolito's class
  • Start your message:
    Mr. Ippolito, here's what I learned in your class this week:
  • Saving as a draft
  • Where to find your drafts later
  • Finish your What I learned this week in Mr. Ippolito's class email
  • Tell me what your learned in class
  • Please include the FIVE academic vocabulary words you wrote down from the "9/11" activity your did yesterday. It looks like this:
  • Completely answer the prompt

  • Resources needed:, access to the internet (mobile or computer)
Mr. Ippolito's HW: Finish grading re-takes and create 

Other great stuff:
The first edition of our school newspaper is now online! Check it out!

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