Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Soundtrack of My Life Project 2013

I'm going to hand these project descriptions out on Friday, but I thought I would get it out to you electronically now.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Final Review Podcast - AUDIO ONLY

If you see all green, don't worry. You should listen to this while you go through my Awesome Learning Guide, available on, or by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rights Beyond the Bill of Rights - 5/7/13

100 Project - Grading Rubric

ADVANCE WORK (20 points total)
Created the survey OR created the advocacy piece - 5 points
Checked in with Mr. Ippolito; took suggestions - 5 points
Proof that you reached out to 100 people - 10 points(100 views on Blogger, on YouTube, 100 petition signatures, 100 surveys returned)

PRESENTATION - Formatting (5 points total)
You shared your presentation with Mr. Ippolito using Google Docs (or another web-based tool such as Prezi, Sliderocket, etc.) OR you made advanced arrangements for sharing with Mr. Ippolito. In other words, we are NOT scrambling in class to find or share your presentation. If you use Google Docs, use the following format:

100P PER# Firstname1 Lastname1 Firstname2 Lastname2

For example:
100P PER1 Jane Smith John Doe
100P PER3 Britney Spears Justin Timberlake
100P PER5 Nicole Polizzi Mike Sorrentino

PRESENTATION - Looking at the Data (15 points total)
Let's see the raw data you collected - 5 points - Screenshots are fine if you're including it in a Google Docs Presentation
Analysis of your data - 10 points - Take us through each question and the percentages of each response. What did you expect your results to be? Were your survey results similar to or different from your expectations?

PRESENTATION - Call to Public Action (10 points total)
What is your call to action now? - 10 points
Based on the information you gathered, what should we the people, through the government, do? This is the "so what" piece. Why should we care? This information I have gathered proves that we need to:
  • Pass a law that . . .
  • Increase funding for . . .
  • Provide more public education about . . .
  • Teach public school students more about . . .
This "call to action" piece should ultimately answer the question(s):
  • What should voters do now?
  • What should we as citizens do now?
  • What should we as Americans do now?
  • What should ask/demand that our elected officials do now?
EXTRA CREDIT - Get a Response
Thoughtfully and respectfully share your findings with an elected official with the power to do something about it. Get a response back from him/her.