Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GOVT 2/20/12 - The Bill of Rights, Pt 1

Agenda (forgot to take a photo of the board today):

1. Hand back Midterm Exams - we went over the exam and checked answers to make sure everyone understood what they missed
2. Journal - "Your Rights" (#22) - "Which of your rights from the Bill of Rights is MOST important to you? Explain why."
3. The Bill of Rights PPT - Part 1 (#23) - I handed out the "Bill of Rights" PPT handout. I'm not big on handouts, but this one was really helpful for keeping all your Bill of Rights info organized. I started the "Bill of Rights" presentation today, but we only got through Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. The rest of the presentation will wait until the next class.

HW: Make sure you have turned in your Citizenship Test from last quarter.

Bill of Rights PPT Worksheet.pdf Download this file

Bill of Rights 2012.ppt Download this file

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