Monday, February 13, 2012

GOVT - Possible questions for Wednesday's Written Exam

On Wednesday, February 15, we will have our first exam in government. It will be a closed-note, closed-book written exam. I will give you a few questions to choose from (about 4 or 5), and you will choose THREE to actually write on. Each response should be at least one solid paragraph (4-5 sentences).

Here are some possible questions I may ask:

1. Explain why the Federalist Papers were written back in 1788. Then, choose one of the Federalist Papers that we learned about (Federalist 10, Federalist 51, or Federalist 78) and explain the message contained within it.

2. Based on what we learned in this class, how did Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights influence our system of government in the United States?

3. Explain the connection between the fight over Proposition 8 and the 14th Amendment.

4. Which of our Founders made the greatest contribution to the ratification of the Constitution? Explain your answer.

5. As of today, who is still in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination? Tell me a little about each one, and explain who will ultimately win the nomination and why.

6. Name three European Enlightenment thinkers who influenced American government and explain their contribution.

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