Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GOVT - Federal Government at Work (FGAW) Project

Federal Government at Work (FGAW) Project

In this project, you will teach the class about one function of the federal government.  You will present the project in either a video or Google Docs Presentation.  This project will be worth 50 points.  You will be graded based on the following criteria:

a C project would include information you could find in Wikipedia.  Basic stuff.
a B project would include information you could find by digging a little deeper, by visiting that federal department’s website, for example.
an A project would include all of the above, but would take it to the next level.  An A project would include a visit to the location, interviews with employees who work there, phone/Skype interviews with those employees, interviews with people who interact with that department (attorneys, lobbyists, etc), and proof of how that first-hand knowledge was obtained.

Topics MAY include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. How does the government print paper money?
  2. How does the government mint coins?
  3. How does airport security work?
  4. What do federal air marshals do?
  5. How does the bankruptcy process work?
  6. How does someone from outside the US get their green card?
  7. How does someone from outside the US become a citizen?
  8. How does the US Postal Service work?
  9. How can I get a copyright?
  10. How is copyright law enforced?
  11. How does eminent domain work?
  12. What is the process for a President to be impeached?
  13. How does the government protect our environment?
  14. How can a building be placed on the registry of historic places?
  15. How can young people get involved in government?
  16. How does the government investigate a plane crash?
  17. How does the federal government respond to a large natural disaster?
  18. How does the atomic clock work?
  19. How do we care for our nation’s veterans?
  20. How does social security work?
  21. How does Secret Service protect the President?
  22. What is involved if I decide to join the Army? Navy? Air Force? Marines? Coast Guard?
  23. What is a typical day like for a US soldier? Sailor? Airman? Marine? Guardian of the Coast?
  24. What does a National Park ranger do? THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE POSSIBLE TOPICS!
In our next class, a couple things will happen:
  • Pick partners
  • Choose topics (by random lottery)
  • 20 Questions Assignment
20 Questions Assignment
- These are the questions you will be seeking the answers to throughout your project.  Think of all the possible things someone might be curious about when thinking about your particular topic.

In our next class, you and your group (up to three students per group) will write down a list of 20 questions that are worth asking about your topic.  These are questions that you should be curious about, and questions that Mr. Ippolito or other students might ask during your presentation.

Questions should include things like how things are done, who is involved in the process, how many employees are involved, how do citizens interact with this agency or department, how long does the process take, where is this department located, when was this department or agency first created, where does this all happen, how much does it cost, just to name a few.

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