Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GOVT - Written Exam Questions for 11/17 exam

On Thursday, November 17, you will take a written exam covering all we have learned in the past five weeks.  The following questions (some or all) may appear on Thursday's written exam.  In each response, I will expect you to use specific examples and details from what you have learned:

1.  The President of the United States has many roles in our government.  Describe three different roles the President has and what he does in each of those roles.
2.  Explain how the Electoral College works, what a candidate needs to win the Presidency, and how it's possible for the most popular candidate in an election to lose the Presidency.

3.  Explain the concept of judicial review, and the story of how the Supreme Court first exercised this power.

4.  Describe the rights and limitations held within the principle of "Freedom of Speech."  Use an example of at least one Supreme Court case that demonstrates protected speech (what you can say) and one case that demonstrates unprotected speech (what you can't say).
5.  Explain the difference between the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause.
6.  Describe three different Supreme Court cases you have learned about that deal with an issue other than free speech.  Name the case, explain the details (including the specific amendment it deals with), and give the outcome of the case.
7.  List and explain the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment.
8.  If there were a "Bill of Rights Museum," chances are the First Amendment would get the largest section of the museum.  In your opinion, what other amendment (besides the First) should be prominently featured in the Bill of Rights Museum?  Why is this amendment so important to Americans?  Explain your answer.

9.  On Election Day, Mississippi citizens voted on an amendment to the Mississippi State Constitution, Amendment 26.  What was Amendment 26 about, what specific changes would it have made, and what was the outcome of the vote?
10.  What is the PPACA and why has the Supreme Court agreed to rule on it?  What are the potential outcomes of the case?  What impact could it have on the 2012 Presidential election?

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