Friday, November 4, 2011

GOVT 11/4/11 - The Bill of Rights, Part I

We began with a journal entry with this prompt:

"What does it mean to have freedom of speech in America?  What should we be allowed to say?  What kind of speech should NOT be allowed in this country?"

We then watched (in some classes the Internet connection was better than others) a video from Time Magazine on the First Amendment, here:

Finally, we began our discussion on the Bill of Rights.  We didn't get very far today, but we did get a good start on the First Amendment.  This presentation will take multiple days, but here's the PPT if you'd like to check it out:

Finally, for homework you have the same United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Civics Test that is given to immigrants seeking US citizenship.  This will be half of your FINAL EXAM at the end of the semester, so please take it seriously.  Answer questions #1-40 by the time we have our next class.  You can download the exam here:

There are some great resources to help you with the Civics Exam right on the USCIS website.  I would encourage you to try to answer the questions for yourself FIRST, before simply getting all the answers from the website, but do what you think is going to help you learn the best.  That site is here:

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