Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AGENDA - November 24, 2010

Today's agenda was simple, as we were on a special schedule for the Turkey Bowl.  We did three things:
1.  Students turned in any final China Mini-Books they may still have been working on.  This project went on in class over several days, but some students still needed to take it home to finish it.  Today was the last day to turn it in for full credit.
2.  INB grading for the China unit.  If you were absent today, simply complete the INB Grade Sheet (students got this in the last class; you can download another copy from the Digital File Cabinet at
3.  China Mini-Exam.  This was a simple eight-question exam covering belief systems of China and inventions/achievements of China.  Again, if you were absent, you'll simply make this up when you return.
For homework, give a sincere "thank you" to three people on your life.  And mean it.  :-)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mr. Ippolito