Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visit from an Iraq War veteran TOMORROW, Thursday, October 21

I'm sorry for the short notice, but I finally have confirmed that we will get a visit tomorrow from Sgt Bret McCauley, US Marine Corps. Sgt McCauley proudly served our country in Iraq, and received the Purple Heart for injuries received in the line of duty. I was offered the opportunity for Sgt McCauley to come speak to some of my classes, and because tomorrow is an E Day (39-minute class periods), and because we are ahead in our seventh grade history curriculum, I jumped at the chance.
There is a slight possibility that Fox 11 News may come to my classroom to do a story on Sgt McCauley during Periods 2 (history), 3 (yearbook), or 4 (history), and again another slight chance that your child may appear on TV.
If you have any objection to your child appearing on the local Fox 11 News, please let me know. If they do end up running the story on TV, I will post that information on
Thank you,
Mr. Ippolito

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  1. i know theres a slight chance, but it'd be really cool if they came in during period 2!! (if they even come)