Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rio Norte Halloween Costume Rules - reminder for tomorrow, 10/29/10

We want Halloween to be safe and fun for all Rio Norte students and staff this year.  Here’s a great way for you to follow the rules, and enjoy this year’s Halloween celebration on Friday, October 29.


1.           No masks may be worn.  A mask may be brought to school for the costume contest at lunch and may be worn during the time of the contest only.  Masks worn at any other time will be confiscated.

2.           All costume clothing must conform to the dress code.

3.           Flip-flop sandals and appropriate pajamas may be worn as part of a costume.

4.           No spikes, chains, or ropes may be brought to school.

5.           If you choose to dress in a sports theme, no baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, etc. may be brought to school.  Also, no cleats may be worn.

6.           No weapons of any kind, real or fake.  To bring even a fake weapon to school—even on Halloween—can still be an expellable offense.

7.           Make-up, hair dye, and hats are permitted, as long as it is not dangerous or disruptive.

8.           Finally:  No costume may be worn that will prevent you from learning and fully participating in the day’s activities. 

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