Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fox 11 News in Mr Ippolito's classroom

(photo by Micaela Bensko)

It was very exciting not only to have Sgt McCauley visit my classroom today, but also to have Fox 11 News' Christine Devine there to cover the story.  However, there's no need to set the DVR tonight to see your friends on TV.  The story is scheduled to run closer to Veterans Day, November 11.  As we get closer, I should get notification of when exactly we'll be on TV, and I will pass that notification on to you!  --Mr. Ipp


  1. yay i cant wait 2 see fox news! im gonna be in it wooooooo!

  2. Did you find out exactly when yet? I'm really excited and I want to show off to my old pals back at my old city!! MAN, they'd be jealous:)

  3. Haven't heard yet. I will post details on as soon as I know when we're supposed to be featured. Should be closer to Veterans Day.