Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to Mr. Ippolito's Class - August 12, 2010

1. Welcome!
2. Binder Reminder Scavenger Hunt

HW: Finish the Binder Reminder Scavenger Hunt --and--
Get a 1-inch three-ring binder by the first BLOCK class (next Mon or Tue)

Today in class we didn't have very much time. I spent much of my time today just taking attendance, getting to know kids' names, and then we started our first assignment, the Binder Reminder Scavenger Hunt. Whatever was unfinished today is homework tonight.

If you are ever absent, please go to the Digital File Cabinet (click on the File Cabinet icon on the upper right-hand corner of my blog at to download the handouts you missed. Welcome to my class, and I hope you had a great first day!


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