Monday, August 16, 2010

Setting up the INB (Interactive Notebook) - August 16-17, 2010

1.  Attendance/Check homework
2.  Finish "Binder Reminder Scavenger Hunt" (pg 3 in INB)
3.  Finish Class Procedures in Mr Ippolito's Classroom PowerPoint
4.  Setting up the INB (Interactive Notebook)
5.  Mr Ippolito's Web Resources
HW:  Class Procedures in Mr Ippolito's Classroom (pg 4 in INB)

We began class by finishing up a few items that we needed to complete from our last class (too much fun stuff, and not enough time in the day on Friday!).  We then spent time starting to prep students' Interactive Notebooks (INBs).  This notebook (really, a three-ring binder) will be the vessel that holds virtually all the homework and classwork we will do during the course of the year.

I then gave students an introduction to the web resources that I have available to students and parents.  Check out my website at to see all the different ways that you can connect with information and resources.  These resources include my blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter page, and my Digital File Cabinet.

For homework, students should complete the worksheet, Class Procedures in Mr. Ippolito's Classroom, and place it in the number "4" position in the INB.  We will check this at the beginning of our next class.


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